Best Parks in Australia

The beautiful country of Australia is a veritable paradise for nature lovers. There is so much to do and see here that a holiday spent in this marvelous country will rarely have a dull moment in it! The article below gives details about some of the most popular national parks in this country that you certainly must consider visiting during a tour.

Kakadu National Park

This beautiful national park is located in the Northern Territory of Australia. Here you will be able to witness the grand glory of some of the most ancient geological formations in the world. The park is a magnet for adventure seekers too as four-wheel drive tours as well as hiking excursions are possible here. You can even opt to soar amidst the clouds on a scenic flight to gaze at the enchanting landscape of this region. Crocodile watching is yet another popular activity among the tourists here. You can also catch a glimpse of the beauty of the Aboriginal culture during a visit. Old Aboriginal rock art is to be witnessed here.

Point Addis Marine National Park

This is yet another fascinating site that well deserves a visit. Point Addis Marine National Park boasts of spectacular natural beauty. Surfers are attracted in their numbers to this place of surreal charm during the peak season. Those who love to witness the marvelous beauty of the underwater world can delve into the ocean depths, clad in their scuba diving and snorkeling gear. It certainly is a must visit place for adventure seekers. Look for cheap accommodation Geelong offers and try and visit it at least once and you will not regret it.

 The Royal National Park

Located in the eastern coast of Australia in close proximity to the city of Sydney, The Royal National Park offers tourists a sensational experience. You really should plan to spend a full day here as there is so much to do. You can do bushwalking and bird watching as well as boating. When the heat of the day gets too harsh, you can cool off and have a delicious BBQ meal too.  Do take time to witness the beauty of wildlife while visiting this park through whale watching excursions.

Karijini National Park

This is a place that is perfect for photographers! The red rocks that are located in the park afford perfect photo opportunities. The gorgeous Fern Pool is a site that really shouldn’t be missed here. Among the other points of interest that are located in the park, Hancock Gorge and Hamersley Gorge are indeed quite prominent.

Enjoy a delightful time exploring the majestic beauty of this enchanting destination!

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