4 essential items you need for your first apartment

You might have moved into your very first apartment. You are now scared and terrified about living on your own. You do not like living alone and having strange new experiences. You will have to your own pay bills and clean the home too. However, there are certain items which you have to focus on acquiring as without them you will not have a home. Here are some items you must purchase:

Soft curtains

Curtains serve two purposes they shade you from the sun and prevents your neighbor from peeping through. Some people might be lucky enough to have nice neighbors who are quiet and don’t disturb them. You must purchase curtains or blinds which will shield your cheap apartments Geelong well. Don’t forget the shower curtain too as it will prevent water from splashing around. You can purchase some cheap liners and change them every three months!

Good cleaning supplies

You must have equip your home with good cleaning supplies. You are responsible for cleaning the toilet or kitchen too. You must buy some rubber gloves, microfiber cloth, sponges and a mop too. You will need a vacuum and broom to scoop the dirt out. It depends on the flooring you have if you have a carpet you will need a vacuum. Cleaning isn’t a fun activity but it must be done!

Cleaning the kitchen utensils

It is important that you spend some time everyday cleaning the kitchen out. You cannot survive on paper cups and plates forever! Paper items are expensive and wasteful as you will be simply adding to your garbage which will need to be recycled. If you have a roommate or someone else living with you. You will need more utensils like dishes, silverware and cups too. Buy some pots and saucepans to cook in, buying from out can be very expensive for you. You will also need containers to store the food too.  You will need a stove, coffee maker or kettle too.  Buy a microwave as you will need it to heat food! If you find living in an unfurnished apartment stressful find serviced apartments Geelong which are luxurious and well furnished.

Nice furniture

You will have to buy furniture if your home is not furnished. You will need at least one bed for your house. You will also need a dresser and some form of almarah and cupboard. If you are on a tight budget then you must purchase only the important items. You can visit garage sales or thrift stores too!

Keep in mind if you are on a small budget then you must only purchase the essential items.  Always check on the facilities available at the apartment complex!


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